Are you reaching your customers online?

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Welcome to the new world where buyers and shoppers are now switching to newer ways of researching, considering and finally making the final purchase. Unsurprisingly, search engines or Google is one of the most common places where these activities are happening today versus the traditional yellow pages or newspapers.

Given the convenience and prevalence of high speed internet and smartphones, doing research online and even making purchases online from local or global sellers is now extremely easy. As such, the loyal customer you used to have may already be using Google to find out other better and often cheaper alternatives. Those who are prepared to wait may even buy it from overseas, at much lower prices. As such, it is little wonder that your sales and your margins are reducing both at the same time.

“But wait I have a website. Why am I still not getting the customers?” Having a website is not the ultimate solution, it is merely a digital storefront. Like a store in reality you need to work on your customer experiences at the touch points. And you need decent amount of traffic before sale conversion can take place.

Most online purchases don't take place on day one. Most shoppers goes through a research period where they would gather information, a consideration period where they are choosing among the various alternatives, and the final purchase order. The million-dollar question is - is your company there at these critical moments?

· Does your company appear on Google page 1 of the search results page when customer is googling for the products and reviews?

· Do you have a mobile responsive website that customers can see information when they are on the go or simply too lazy to turn on the computer?

· Is product information easy to locate? How many clicks or page loading they have to go through to see what they are looking for?

· When they are prepared to finally buy, does your website have an easy and smooth process to make the order?

· Can they find support easily through live chats, "contact me" form or telephone number?

If the answer is "no" to most of these questions, perhaps you are leaving a lot of money on the table by “not being there” with your customers during their shopping journey.

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