How to choose a good SEO agency?

how to find good SEO services in singapore

There are so many digital marketing agencies in Singapore and Asia, claiming to provide effective, if not, the best SEO services. How do you select the best one for your business? Besides the price tag, what are some of the criteria you should consider? Here are a few extra things to look out for.

1. Your SEO agency understands you

They don’t have to know your shoe size or your food allergies, but it’s best to choose a SEO firm who knows your business. Ideally, they should have experience with clients in the industry you are in so they are talk the talk and walk the walk. Even so, every business is different so such a match may be hard to come by. Therefore, it is important that the agency is able to understand your business model, and makes time to work with you on your SEO marketing strategies to address your opportunities and pain points. Make sure they are easy to communicate with so they can quickly know you and get down to the real search engine optimization work.

2. Your SEO agency understands your customers

We are not talking about knowing your customers' favourite restaurants or fashion preferences. It is whether the SEO firm can effectively target your potential customers on search engines by predicting their search behaviour. In other words, do they provide a proper keyword research to select the best search terms to rank for that will be seen by your intended audience? Many agencies try to skip this step by asking you to provide them a list of keywords that they would rank you for but holds no accountability for giving you real customers.

3. Your SEO agency provides a holistic SEO review

There are many types are SEO services which tackle various attributes of SEO. A holistic SEO program would include onsite or technical SEO, content strategy, landing page analysis and links strategy. This would cover the end to end user experience of your website visitor from search to discovery to conversion. They should look at things beyond SERP and rankings, and also look into how to better the user experience on your site, with a pleasant and smooth user interface, relevant content and clear call to action.

4. Your SEO firm provides a one stop service

Having provided a full review, it would be a plus point for the SEO agency to be able to provide a one stop service in terms of site revamp, copywriting, landing page optimization, backlinking etc to address any SEO opportunities found. In addition, for quick turnarounds, would they be able to support SEM or PPC (pay per click advertising) to help you appear on google page 1 on day 1?

5. Your SEO consultant keeps you well updated

Once SEO services are engaged, any good online marketing agency should be able to provide clear and regular reports on your rankings and agreed KPIs. Optimization often involves sensitive technical work on the site so work progress and details should be transparent and well documented.

When you are trying to shortlist a digital marketing company to work with, try asking about the above points. If they are able to meet your requirements for a couple of them you can be rest assured your SEO marketing budgets are in good hands.

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